Cashback for playing poker

The game of poker is accompanied by various fees and commissions that are charged by the operator. These vary depending on the service provider, type of poker game, number of players at the table or stakes. Importantly from your point of view, in some poker lobbies you will receive cashback on your fees and commissions.

Currently, Party Poker offers the highest cashback ( 20-40% ), slightly less Betsson ( 10-30 % ). Cashback is part of the loyalty program here, so the more points you earn and the higher your status, the higher your return on rake and fees spent at the poker table. This is not the case with Unibet and PokerStars. Both poker online lobbies do not offer cashback, but they do have other poker goods in their program – prizes and bonuses.

Decide for yourself which option is better. Of course, the choice of the poker lobby should not depend on the amount of the return, but it is nice when at least some of the donated funds are returned to your account.

Poker: playing online, how to start?

It is not difficult to start the game, it takes the most time to learn to play on a pro level. However, it is enough to know the basic layouts, the more nuanced knowledge will come with the practice of playing poker. How to start from the technical side? It’s easy.

All you need to do is download the software or app of one of the poker rooms , register, verify your account, and then make a deposit.

Most poker rooms offer the possibility to play both on the phone and on the computer.

Professional gamers rarely play on the phone as it is inconvenient to play at multiple tables at once.

However, if you want to play poker just for fun, on the same table, both the phone and the desktop are good choices.

Poker platforms and applications

If you want to play poker, you don’t need to log into your web browser every time. Special external platforms for download to a computer or mobile device are helpful here. Playing from the application level is much easier and more comfortable.

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